L E G A S E A,
Rua Nova da Alfarrobeira 5
2750-452 Cascais, Portugal

Phone: +351 968 485 495
+351 214 833 064

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I didn’t manage to book through Pergola’s website. Is there any other way to book a bedroom?

You can send us an e-mail to or contact us directly +351 936 328 984

Where exactly is Pergola located?

In the heart of Cascais! Avenida Valbom, 13.

How can I get to Pergola from Lisbon Airport?

There are several ways to reach Pergola.

1 )By car: via A5 (highway with tolls) takes around 40 min and via N6 (national road by the sea) takes around 60 minutes.

2) Public transports: At the airport, you can take the metro to Cais do Sodré where you can then take the train to Cascais. Pergola is at a 3-minute walking distance from the train station.

3) Taxi/Uber/Pergola transport (from 35€ to 50€): Contact us to schedule your transfer.

I’m renting a car at the Airport. Do you have free parking?

Unfortunately no… You can park for free at Rua Dom José de Avilez. It is located 10 minutes by foot from Legasea so we advise our guests to drop their luggage first and then park the car.

Is breakfast included?

Yes yes yes!! It is our favourite part of the day! Served from 8:30am to 10:00am.

Is this place suitable for families?

Our concept is all about being a big family! Adults, teenagers, children, everyone is welcome here.

Do you have a babysitting service?

We do have reliable babysitter’s contacts! It is an external service, so please, let us know in advance if you need one!

Is your breakfast vegan/vegetarian?

We are not fond of labels but we do believe in a balanced diet dominated by veggies and fruit. Our kitchen signature is “Love based with lots of plants”

If you have any other question feel free to contact us directly! Please let us know

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